lost.. but found!!

As human beings, we would have lost something in our lives at least once. If you were to think and see what you lost, you will realize that it’s only the precious things that were there with you. People try too hard to hold things in place as how it was, but you just end up falling down on your face. You are left talking to deaf ears and who are not willing to see since they are acting blind. People then try even harder to think they have not lost what they had. Most of this happens because of change and it usually catches you unawares. All the memories die a sudden death and you just hope it would never return.

Miserable hearts, tears of fear and pain, lost and shattered trust. All these are slowly driven apart to make a change in your life. You slowly begin a future which was only part of a dream. Things get trapped in your mind, memories long forgotten by people who begot them and you seem lost to the world.

All you want to know is what was it all for? But why do you want to? How is it going to change?

Finding is hard, but once found you would like it to remain. Sometimes, what you lost finds you… trying to restore all the trust and everything that makes of it. Some find it early, some find it late, and some never find at all. Words just escape and you can’t keep up to it. I am one of those found by the lost.

Once you are found, all you do is simply smile and say “Hello”.

Before you finish reading this post, you would have thought of at least one thing that was precious to you which you lost. If you did, kindly leave a “yes” as comment to this post!

Hope you find what you lost or let the lost find you… when it happens, only one word should cross your mind, which is, Thanks.


5 Responses to lost.. but found!!

  1. MNEMONIX says:

    is this something relevant to your previous post, 'A note to an unknown friend'?

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @mnemonixnot all of it…btw, is it a yes?

  3. MNEMONIX says:


  4. Priya says:

    hmmmm… sometimes it is better to not to find the things that are lost, may be it was meant to be that way & is better that way. The preciousness of things lost is but a perception of the mind, there will come a time when you wonder why you were so upset about losing it. Things lost are best forgotten…. look beyond the horizon you will see things that are waiting for you to find them. So go on… find

  5. MNEMONIX says:

    @priyalemme rephrase this way… "Lost if not found." whaddya say?

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