i want to…

i want to talk, but just not yet
i want to see, but i am blinded by trust
i can hear and yet can’t comprehend
i feel freedom, but don’t feel free yet
i know this place, but it looks so blur
i feel hatred, among all the care
i feel safe, when there is a lot of uncertainty
i know it is hot, but it is not summer yet
i feel i have hit a low, but i am already high
i feel the strain, yet i am relaxed
its like i am alive, yet, departed!


3 Responses to i want to…

  1. Shaggy says:

    I want to go, knowing there is no way,I feel I am on high, when i am on a pit,I believe I am right, when nobody hear,I think its a life, but its something like that…

  2. MNEMONIX says:

    I know it's day, but it's still spooky,I have a purpose, yet so unsureI have the time, yet I'm rushingI think, therefore I'm not

  3. ~ V ~ says:

    looks like everyone is on a roll!!! thanks guys!

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