mera naam joker!!

Hey! Why you looking so grave? Should I make you smile or leave you like that? So where do I begin now? As I get into the shoes of a clown and work on this masterpiece.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, where is the party tonight? Let me introduce myself, I am ha ha ha ha ha.. You can call me the joker!!! What is it that separates me from you? At this point of time I choose to be what I am and you choose to be who you are not. It’s a funny choice, being a clown or a joker, whatever you call it. Why a joker? And I ask why not? At times we look at the joker and laugh, when it’s actually him who is laughing at you. His attractive and colorful attire which keep our eyes hooked to whatever he is doing. His hand, covered in gloves catches our eye and moves to the tune that he sets. He tempts, intoxicates us with his movements and graceful steps. He entertains, neither with any cruel intentions nor with an idea of fooling us. The only time we are taken aback or feel the fear is when he is too close and looks right into our eye. You wonder who is behind that smiling mask. His rest of the body is covered only to reveal his unaltered eyes. Involuntarily you let him touch your hand and escort us to our own fear.

What we see is a smiling mask, but what is behind the mask is unknown. May be it is similar to the mask that he is wearing to make others smile or it could be like, he is laughing on the outside with a sugar coated smile, crying and wondering who would make him smile…

When he removes his dress as a clown, he could be a person just like you and me. The joker plays hide and seek with himself. Anyways here he is, making people around him smile. They will remember him long as long as he is in sight, after which they will laugh when they see him again. A laugh forgotten, a laugh remembered for that moment.

A salute to all the jokers, or anyone who wears the mask once in a while to make others smile, be it for a moment or forever.


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