i am me!!

i am me from birth till the last breath
i am no photocopy like someone else

i am me when i go to bed
awakened and i will still be me

feel parts of me in a lot of people
glue them together and they still won’t be me

everything that comes out of me is totally me
genuinely and truly, only me

i possess everything about me
be it my body and whatever it does

my mind with its ideas, fantasies and memories
my eyes with its vision and all that i see

my feelings and sentiments, be it pleasure, anger, dashing hopes, agitation or frustration
my mouth and all that is uttered, be it polite, rude, correct, wrong, loud or soft

i am rich with my dreams, hopes and fears
i reap my success, my failures and my mistakes

i am still me even when i am confused
still me when i am tipsy and high

the way i look, talk or behave at any time is nothing but me
i mastermind and own everything collectively known as Me

what more can you say? I am Me!


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