long but fast weekend!!!

Thursday night!!! a very long one i must say… started off with beer, a dash of whiskey in between and finished it off with a Malibu!!! there was dance, food and a long drive in between as well… we were off on the road in a Nissan X-Trail.. touching 190 K mph.. though we were sitting on the pedal, that car was not going beyond that.. i was dozing off sitting in front, i would wake up once in a while, see the speed o touch 190 and then will fall asleep again..

sometimes the Lebanese food tastes awesome… that night it did. woke up only the next afternoon and was back on my laptop watching “the bachelor’s party”. a time pass movie if i am supposed to comment on it. the earlier week, i happened to see “Juno”. good movie, it was different…

2 days went just like that, like the 8+ months since my deportation from India.. alright!! i am off to do some work now.. until next time.. chow!!


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