past two days have been really going slow.. not much of work and the markets have been really volatile.. when there is work, there is a whole lot to do and very less time… when things are stuck up, they remain like that for a long time.. saw step up 2 today.. dance, dance and more dance.. what more can you expect… but as the earlier part, the dance was good..

yesterday was thinking to stop blogging.. my facebook a/c is deactivated. only my orkut is remaining and in this part of the world its illegal to access such community that is almost like closed… oh yea there was something called hi5.. stopped using that a couple of years back i guess.. not sure though..

36 china town, thats what is showing on tv.. i actually started writing about something a month back, i just have the outline… even i am not sure when i am gonna publish it or may be never at all…

been reading a lot of blogs past couple of days.. Big B’s is pretty interesting actually. wonder if he writes it himself.. if thats the case, kudos.. that he is finding time from his busy schedule to write his blog..

rite now, me, an Indian, having an Australian beer in Dubai… globalisation i guess…


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