gains and losses!!!

Its only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything ~ Fight Club

i never really understood what this sentence meant when i saw the movie for the first time. i happened to take a look at my portfolio today. as most of the portfolios look, even mine had gains as well as losses… in my portfolio the gains were super seeded by the losses. at the end of it, i had one huge negative figure!!!

this is when i understood what that sentence meant… what more is there to lose, when you have lost everything.. still i continue to take risks… i did some trading today even with a portfolio like that..i have a big negative and i just added some to it trying my luck with the margin market which obviously i don’t seem to have..

waiting to start investing rather than trading… lets see what is in store.. i guess i have to wait and see… i know i will convert those losses into gains or atleast break even, its just the matter of time.. may be a couple of months or may be half a year or may be more.. all i can do now is wait…..


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