i cannot say what has happened to me, except, i am not the same anymore.. people act crazy and so are the times… been trying to get away from myself where i am gonna learn how to fly.. like all the truth that surrounds is one big ball of lie.. we have our own doubts, like the ghost that is there in us.. reality kicks in, mortality feels like immortality… fights feel good and words seem lost.. writing something here without any meaning… watching television without any reason… phones don’t seem to ring.. so are the door bells that are hanging… clouds are dark and heavy.. rain drizzles artificially… climate so hot outside… rooms so cold inside… man! out of blogging for a couple of weeks.. words are scanty and my mind is asleep.. masked as care… you look at the sky and stare.. things go around…. they will come back again… alright let me stop here.. what am i talking about?? huh! whatever!

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