games people play….

i have been wanting to write for some time, but i was too lazy to open up my laptop and type something here..

now i guess the craze is IPL, i had no clue about how this thing works until a few days back.. i see a lot of people glued on to the television sets to watch this game which has become famous in a very short time.

i see a lot of games played within this IPL… a lot of business happening.. lot of people getting work to do.. a lot of money being poured in from all sides.. where the owner gets to buy a player at a price bound by a contract.. people who want fame and name become owners of the team and what not.. at the end of it, there is a lot of fun, lot of get together and game to watch.. a lot to ask in a short period of time i guess..

i still have to figure out the names of the teams and the people who are playing.. let me try figuring that out now.. before i write anything more…


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