only if i pretend….

funny i can’t recall things and comprehend
until then i am gonna pretend

never ever thought enough of myself to realize
caught up between those lies and disguise

pretending all this is fiction
can’t see a f!@#$d up reason

walking about through coffee bars and shopping malls
not as good as climbing trees or falling off the walls

all i am is not all i will be
who wants to try and test me?

filling the readers brain with suspicion
to make them seek an explanation

as i go home and lay my body down
don’t know what the f!@k is going on

hate me in the end
but only, only if i pretend


2 Responses to only if i pretend….

  1. MNEMONIX says:

    Dude… you wrote these lines by yourself??? Just curious…

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    yep.. why?

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