simply engleesh!!!

English, sometimes is a funny language. English, as a language can be sharp as a knife or make you shake with laughter. i am not saying my english is very good, but i learn from the mistakes i make. some of the usage is so hilarious, it makes me hold my stomach with pain, tears in my eyes and laughter in my mouth…

these are some of the frequent usages i have heard and these are not complete sentences, use these, hear for yourselves how it sounds…

1) can’t able to
2) Susan has came?
3) could you bring a couple of two chairs?
4) kindly revert back
5) today night
6) did u ate?
7) if we get proper datas
8) Susan didn’t came?
9) Mary didn’t got up
10) vei (Keep in Tamil) the phone

will add more as i get to hear it…



One Response to simply engleesh!!!

  1. MNEMONIX says:

    Here's mine:1. Would you please door the close?2. I got rained in the rain.

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