backups are so bloody important!

everyone knows it is important, but how many people actually make it a point to do it? i knew it is important, being in the IT industry and after a couple of mishaps i still made the mistake again yesterday. this time it was for my blog layout. i in fact took the backup, but never tried to recover it and see. after making some changes to the existing layout and trying out some new ones, i realized that the old layout was better and tried to revert, only to find out that the backups did not have the widgets and other add ons.

was just thinking about the amount of time it is going to take to get all those widget codes in place.. thanks to Google sync and my bookmarks…

just finished redesigning the new layout with a lot of help from other bloggers and lot of sites online. guess as readers you need to comment. its not an extra ordinary layout, its just very simple 🙂 in fact a lil modified version of one of the default templates in blogger.


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