day to dreams….

woken up by the alarm from my phone together with the prayers that are said so loud all over this country, my day started.. i never thought i would wake up on a sunday and look at the calendar and say..”it is the start of the week, 5 more days for weekend”.. up and ready to the bus station with music in my ears and the sun scorching directly on my shaven head.. about 30 minutes of journey which ends up at a restaurant for breakfast.. first meal of the day.. to the most difficult part, which is crossing the highway.. i should say i am too lazy to cross the lines.. today i had to cross it about 4 times, usually i keep it restricted to 2..

punching my time card, and off to my seat to check my mails… a collegues birthday, so volunteered to get a cake.. that explains crossing the lines which exceeded my usual quota… my unprotected head in the heat was making me feel the pinch without hair on my head..

back to office, ready for the cake cutting ceremony and cake distribution… 25% cake smashed on his face, very less compared to all the others where 100% is usually used… when all this was happening, another person was celebrating his b’day as well. so here is wishing him a very fruitful year ahead… happy birthday bro!!

just about to leave office, when there is a meeting and some work to finish.. all this when you had a full day that was almost free..

back home, watched Inside Man.. parallely commenting on the blogs that i read.. writing this post now.. as i ended the call from a person who knows a lot about me.. my day is nearing its end in reality and my day in my dreams is about to start.. so good night my fellow humans… and good morning to @#$%^&*()


3 Responses to day to dreams….

  1. MNEMONIX says:

    since its a sunday, wish u would take off from u'r dreams!!! 😉 have fun bro!!!

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @mnemonixno bad time to dream and here sunday is the first day of the week.. friday's are the off days…

  3. thanx for ur wishes bro 🙂

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