gluing together….

how would you react on being called a nut case? i took that as a compliment as i thought it was a improvement from being called a psycho 🙂

there are a lot of topics that can be written about. most of the topics keep lingering in my head when i am sleeping. the thoughts are clear and the flow is amazing. this leads me to a question, whether i am actually sleeping or not. i wonder how i have so many things to write about, but only a few of them come out as posts in my blog. yesterday as i was walking to a restaurant to have dinner, i had a conversation with a colleague of mine about this. at the end of the conversation i came up with the reasons as to why i have lesser posts than actually what i can write or feel like writing.

i have these pieces of thoughts which becomes like mercury when i am asleep. i don’t want to wake up from those thoughts and leave them half seen. i see it and then i think i will have all those in my mind as fresh as it possibly can and write it at the start of the day. to my misfortune, i am left with only small pieces of thoughts which neither have a head or a tail. the day starts and ends and i go back to my bed with confused thoughts only to piece them together in my so called “sleep”.

still trying to figure out how to make those thoughts last till i wake up so that i can evidence it as posts. i too want to know what i was thinking about, sometimes i feel like a stranger in those thoughts watching it from far and yet so near in a story not seen by many but me.

till next time, as i try gluing together the thoughts from my mind and on to the screen….



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