a not so perfect day….

just when you thought you had a perfect day, some lousy bastard from no where comes to foul things up.. haven’t you felt this way at least one day in your life? well, i have.

sometimes you feel life itself is very simple in a way, or may be too complex to explain. sometimes you feel like you are falling down and you don’t know why. its better to leave it all behind because tomorrow may not look so bright.

trying to find some space, feeling the twist and i can hear it break. i want to be who i am.

just hear me when i speak, because when i’ve had enough, you will hear me say…tripped on reality, witnessing tragic comedies, that’s the world i see today..

one day i will say goodbye because i know nothing good is gonna last. don’t know how to keep it all inside, guess i will let it fly…


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