imagining if…..

imagining if we had the life we wished, simply because we wanted it
hoping life is not a joke, because we don’t get it

starting again afresh, without any zombie threads
clearing the swap and all that rests

words are easy when the language is known
who are we, to judge the unknown

feel our lives are so messed up, but we’re still alive
so messed up, but we know we’ll survive

come to think of it, life ain’t so bad
i know it couldn’t always be sad

let’s take it right back to the start
where we know we won’t have to play the part

i am waiting for something other than this
or should i feel there’s something that i missed

i’ve got a lot of time and i’m wasting it slowly
searching for something that would keep me rolling

here in this moment, half way out the door
wondering about the half ahead and what it has in store

tomorrow is there, leaving us wondering
are we gonna be a part of it or continue pondering

If you are right, take the humble side — you will help the other fellow. If you are wrong, take the humble side — and you will help yourself. ~unknown


2 Responses to imagining if…..

  1. MNEMONIX says:

    U'r getting way too poetic these days… anything special???

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @mnemonixnah!! just thought of trying something new 🙂

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