cold under the quilt….

been out of blogging for about 4 days now.. one of my friends asked me why there was no new posts..and i replied saying “have not been keeping well” 😦 for which i got a reply saying, why don’t you write about you not keeping well… so i thought might as well write it down.. still wondering what to write as i open my notepad to jot something down as i listen to some music..

don’t like this feeling of being sick.. come to think of it, a lot of people are not feeling well.. lot of people say it is because of the climate change..anyways.. i was down with a cold.. but along with it, comes a lot of freebies… a running nose which i need to run after, a head ache which is like a bomb which might explode anytime.. body ache which makes me really tired, but still can’t sleep.. the cold climate is like a cherry on top making you shiver even when you are under the quilt. your appetite seems like you are on a diet where you can’t eat even if you want to..

come to think of it, hangovers are worse but we get through all of them at the end.. after you have stopped running behind your nose, suddenly you realize you can’t breathe.. and how do i breathe? through my mouth 🙂 you start to cough when you speak.. feels so different in this kinda situation..

all this makes me feel like i have canceled my subscription to being alive.. i just can’t wait for things to be normal again!!!


2 Responses to cold under the quilt….

  1. Anonymous says:

    How are you feeling now? 🙂

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    better…thnx for asking.. who is this btw? 🙂

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