today might look as bright as ever, but it will all come to an end someday
there will not be any alarms to wake you up, no sunrises to see and no sunsets to watch
all the hard work that you did and the treasures you collected will pass on to someone else
your birthday calendar, to-do lists and reminders will expire
people who you once thought cared for you will go far away
all of a sudden, your color, race, religion and your sex won’t matter
no one now cares if you were intelligent or dumb
priorities will not be the same anymore for people around you
all the good deeds that you did will be lost among the few mistakes you committed
change all of a sudden becomes scary and needed
all your ailments seems to have vanished
hatred, anger and stubbornness will disappear
you will have a lot of time at your disposal
you will become alone with just memories to ponder
one day what goes around, will come around and
history continues to repeat itself.. it doesn’t stop with you and me..


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