reflections of a girl…

this is about a girl who imagines herself on top of a cliff and falls in love with her reflection… read this post from a girls view…

Gazing into the sky
I saw myself at the edge of a cliff dancing to forget
I looked at her and instantly I knew i was in love,
Love with my own self, with my own reflection
She gazed at me, and I gazed at her
I saw a child, a girl and a woman
I felt an eternal bond and a person who understands me well…


One Response to reflections of a girl…

  1. rashmi says:

    the answer to the one basic question all of ask ourselves all the time…who loves us the most …who undersands us the most. once we know ourselves.. life becomes so much more easier.I am me..i dont have a point to prove to anyone.I will not die out of the need to be accepted ..I love the way i am.

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