grey to white!!

i happened to chat with a cousin of mine and out of curiosity, i wanted to know what kind of person she thought i was. this is what she thought of me!! “you are that silent guy who keeps his eyes and ears always open and mouth always shut!! you know what’s going on but you just wait and watch till the time is ripe…and then you speak..and that will be the final statement!!”

i would agree to the above statement, but sometimes you tend to move away from this and act a little crazy, you know what i mean.. you tend to be indifferent and i have been like that in a couple of situations. reflecting upon those days, it makes me wonder why i was who i wasn’t. this is when you wish you had a rewind button in your life, but strangely there is no button and there wouldn’t be also. suddenly you realize what you have done to others during your craziness.

coming to think of it and when you ask why… this is what i could possibly get. when we feel low, we are tempted move alone. some people think by leaving a person like this, things will become alright, but from what i have seen, depression turns to despair and tend to do crazy things. the best way to get out of this would be to talk to a person who understands and be yourself. which is by no means very easy to be. a situation where people think there is lies in your truth and doubt in your faith.

yesterday i was chatting with a friend of mine and she was talking about how you tend to become independent when you are in a situation like above and you don’t have the people who you need around you. but this situation is not a full stop to your life. you still have a sunrise to wake you up, a day to live and a sunset to make you sleep.

so lets live to see a lot more sunrises and sunsets. as my great cousin said “happiness should not be dependent on others but yourself” 🙂 (hope this is not Grey 😀 ) he he he – (she is gonna kick me for sure) ha ha ha


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