you know you are…

you know you are…

independent – when you are too needy right up until the moment you don’t need anyone anymore.

sorry – when you really are and feel guilty about it

busy – when you have scheduled only 3 hours of sleep in a day

love – when you wake up in the morning alone and see that person’s face

lonely – when you have to bake your own birthday cake.

thinking of a person you loved – when it has been really long and you still read the love letters like it’s the first time you read them.

missing someone – when you stop and stare at something and see that person even though they are not in this world anymore and then realize they haven’t gone.

regretful of lacking attention – when you don’t answer your best friends call and then later you know that the person is no more.

alone – when you feeling low and you don’t have anyone to call and then you browse through your contacts and realize that you still don’t have any one to call

a reason for a life in this world – when you see your newborn and see yourself in their eyes.

wanting to go back to childhood days – when you realize that you will never live in a world as bright and beautiful and alive as we did when we were six.

shattered – when people who know you so much don’t believe in you and leave you

an atheist – when you ask “what is god?” instead of “who is god?”

late – when the opportunity is taken by someone else.

remembered – when during a get together someone says “wish he/she was there!”

in fear – when you wake up shaking in the night and hear your heart pumping.

hurt – when you hear all the words you don’t have to hear and what ever you do is wrong

an adult – when happy meals no longer fill you up..

disturbed – you get irritated at everything what people tell you

remembered for living a good life – when people still sob on the day you died.

naughty – when you make out a different meaning for everything people say

any more???? 🙂


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