stars on the ground…

my first post this year and all of you must be wondering what that title means… well its the english translation of Taare Zameen Par (the movie)

i happened to watch that movie today and i must say kudos to aamir khan to have taken a movie that has so much of meaning and explained in a very subtle way. not everyone sees that indifference, very few people notice it to make a difference.

as how it is shown in the movie, it is very easy for people to let go of things and wash their hands, rather than to hold on to it and make a difference. the kid needed someone to hold on to when he was falling and a bit of care which he did not get from anyone but a teacher who happens to see that indifference. one sentence in the script which was very moving was about taking care, which is very important, its as powerful as a treatment and it definitely makes a lot of difference. it is good to tell that you care, but you need to show it as well to make a difference.

the tag line of this movie says… “Every child is special”, i would like to rephrase it and say “Everyone is special”. it is how you look at the person which makes the difference.

a lot of us have been selfish with our lives, for once, lets try to do something for someone who needs us to be that difference. it doesn’t matter how big it is or small, but then it will make a difference.

for most of our life we have lived at the effect of our experiences, now i am inviting you to be the cause…


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