what’s life without a meaning?

I keep wondering why I am brought into this world, a world that is filled with toxicity. Every sunrise seems to be a wake up call to live the life that is ahead of you. Everyday is like a linked list joining the previous day with the next. Trying to maintain control over this life, is like maintaining your control when you are on a roller coaster ride. You feel everything is alright when the roller coaster goes up and then there is a drop. When you try to resist the fall and try holding on to the bar, you become tense and filled with anxiety. The best way to overcome is to surrender completely and accept that fact that some things are not in your control and then you start enjoying the moment for what it really is. Some people feel that life is a search for happiness, but I guess happiness is just part of life.

I feel we must live in this world, yet live apart and find what we desire. We live in this phase called life with just one face but with many masks. All experiences come with a hidden gift, but knowing what the gift is takes a while. Wonder if life is simple or is it just that we humans make it complex.

There is a saying which says, you know the true value only when you lose it or when it is out of reach. Does that mean that you need to lose your life to find out what life is? If that is the case I will let you know the meaning when I find it out. Hopefully I have a laptop and an internet connection there to let you know the same.


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