who cares anyway???????

You might be wondering why I am writing a post like this. You could even come to a conclusion if I am or not. That is not the intension of this post anyway. I have met some people who are atheist, but they do not go around telling people around them not to believe in something they do. They just would like to be left alone and don’t want others to interfere in what they believe in. What do you believe in, Adam & Eve or Darwin’s theory? Religion is somewhere taken in a whole different meaning now. Religion is a way of life, and everyone knows that religion is so called “MAN-MADE”. This is probably the first time I am writing something controversial. There is a first time for everything and here it goes. If I consider something is good and which has moral values and does not affect the life of others, it’s good enough to be a religion. Religion now is more used to gain power and nothing more than that. It is a factor which people use as a weapon rather than what it needs to be used as. The greatest barrier to current human progress is religion and faith-oriented thinking. Prove me wrong, people. Because of religion, superstition creeps its way in. The other day at work, one of my colleagues was just about to start work and he heard someone sneeze. As soon as he heard that, he came to a conclusion that what ever he started would not go as per plan. My immediate reaction was, why should someone’s sneeze cause so much of worry for what you are going to do? As I was going through the web, I found a line which is interesting, “Faith makes men into cattle. Knowledge will set man free” and here I put a full stop saying who cares anyway…..


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