It’s been a long time (56 days) since I post something here and this happens to be my 65th post (what a coincidence in numbers).

Statutory warning – any resemblance to characters living or dead is purely coincidental. 🙂

Not sure who the intended audience would be for this, but anyways. Read on. You may relate to one of the incidents that happened in your life after you finish reading this. I could not figure out the title, so that is why it remains “untitled”. May be you could give me suggestions. You might ask why this post , my answer would be “it is like all my other posts “. 🙂

People get hurt so often and stay sad for too long. You don’t tend to forget people who have treated you badly, but the least that can be done is “to try”. There will be people who haunt you with their words and sayings. What they need to realize is that you are not theirs to tear apart. You belong to no one. You live to be you and yourself. For those who have made people change, made them sad and hurt them, you need to know what you have done. Sadness is a disease that is carried along with people who are hurt. You need to let it go. The past is behind you and the future is now. Let go of the mistakes and tragic happenings and buckle up because you have a life to live. After all, life is not about standing still.


One Response to untitled…..

  1. mnemonix says:

    I understand dude… life ain't about carrying your past… it ain't about pondering your future either… its just that moment that you live to cherish then… you love, you hate, you laugh, you cry, you are, you aren't… this is it… there's no beginning & no end… you stand your ground come what may… as they say life ain't a bed of roses… its just how you make of it… we're all part of the same system, whether we like it or not!!!

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