that thing called love

Lot of people who I know are falling in love or getting married.. so i thought i will write something about what’s love? cos thats where it all ends or should i say starts… This is one word which knows no boundaries, doesn’t have a definition and just makes people go brain dead. most of the people in love go mad, forget people who are there for them, become blind, possessive, distracted, unresponsive and what not. in short they forget their past. i was reading an article which said, love is the reactions in the body due to dopamine, serotonin and norepinephire. i had no clue what these terms meant until i logged on to wikipedia and found out. all the three terms mentioned above had to do something with the central nervous system or in simple terms the brain. the article also said that love is also about face symmetry and the waist-to-hip ratio. love is a small word which stands for a mixture of emotions and drives such as passion, care, lust, romance, commitment etc. this word creates magic between two people who just cant stop thinking of each other. the brain with all its complexity just starts focusing on this one person, forsaking all the others. all the brain can see is that one person and nothing else. that is why there are so many insane things happening when you are in love. coming to think about what this word leaves behind.. it leaves behind a lot of memories and sometimes painful experiences mistakenly taken as “willpower” which makes us wise. at the end of it, its a ride you will remember forever which has its memories and scars that will last a lifetime.

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