wish things last forever…

Relationships play a vital role in the life of many, or should I use the word friendship. This world sees friendship in a different way especially when it is between a boy and a girl. All the people who know you quite well too think in the same line as the others, and what way is that? They term it as Love. Can’t a boy and a girl be real good friends? As I have been contemplating this topic, which has long been intriguing to me, it has occurred to me that boys and girls approach each other very differently, in ways that can rather dramatically effect this question of friendship vs. love.

Come to think of it, not all of them fall in love. There are exceptions and no one is willing to see that exception. In today’s world, a boy-girl conversation is automatically interpreted as a sign of romance and I guess its human tendency to think in that way. A girl-boy relationship does not necessarily need to end in love. Usually this kind of relationship starts when people need each other when no one is around for them and all they want is to share their thought and someone who can listen to what they got to say. The more time they share with each other, the more they relate to each other and care for each other. This care could be love, but not in the way the world perceives it be. It could be something which I call as unconditional friendship, where the girl knows that the boy is there when ever she needs him and vice – versa. It is really nice to be in that kind of relationship, where both the boy and girl do not have any hidden agenda and totally share good times and bad times as well.

I do believe there is a blessing to be found in healthy friendships between boys and girls, therefore, beginning of a natural friendship. The world around us do not see the friendship in the same way you do and it is frustrating when you only have pure intentions yet be suspected of ulterior motives. Maintaining this kind of relationship is also challenging especially when either one of them actually fall in love with some one else. Very few people understand a relationship like this and would actually approve it especially the girl who comes in to the guy’s life or the guy who comes into the girl’s life. The question of doubt, envy, jealousy etc creeps in the mind of people who come into their life. I wish people could see things the way people who are in friendship sees them… I really wish they could and wish such a relationship really lasts…really hope it does..


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