from yesterday comes tomorrow…

you ever not want a new day to start? ever sat down looking at the sky waiting for the sunrise in the west? ever wished there was no tomorrow? most of us feel this way sometime during the period called life. we worry so much about tomorrow that we tend to forget things that need to be done today, and before you know, tomorrow starts today, tomorrow becomes yesterday, and yesterday is gone…

no one is born knowing it all, you fall and then you learn to walk.. life is short, i will take my chances, i am marking my day, steering away in full swing until i rest when i am dead…..


2 Responses to from yesterday comes tomorrow…

  1. Sushama says:

    Vigu i finally understood atleast one of the article of ur bloggggg:)

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @sushthanks for leaving a comment.. first time i guess 🙂

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