life is …..

life is all about making choices. choices you make determine your success / failure. sometimes life hits you so fast that you realize it after it goes past you. i am wondering when the day would come when i say to myself “I have lived my life!!!”.

as of now i am a little irritated, feeling a little lonely and very very sleepy… i just want to shout myself out.. don’t ask me what i am gonna shout.. i just want to scream, scream really loud and yet no one should be able to hear me….

how many people reflect about themselves? my thoughts as of now are floating all over the place and i am frantically trying to grab them and piece it together. the harder i try to hold on to my thoughts, the faster they move away from me.

life is hard to live and still people make it harder….We are busy living hard lives that we don’t have a choice but to live it. these are just pieces of my thoughts that i managed to hold on to. life has its own ups as well as downs, and i am going to go for it, come what may….i will not wait to see when life ends, but life will, to see the end of me….


4 Responses to life is …..

  1. dens says:

    hey ~v~ ,your site suddenly ended up as one of my fav bookmarks yo…u always rock buddy !!!

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @densthanks aliya…

  3. Anonymous says:

    subtle libran ..keep up the good work, imaginative, and profoundly inspiring…a friend.. ..unread ..misspelltt..Dinoy

  4. ~ V ~ says:

    @dinoythanks chettai…

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