can’t believe its over….

You learn a lot of things, from the time you first cried until the moment you bite the dust. A good percentage of learning happens out of relationships. Sometimes you are happy and full of shine, sometimes your eyes are filled with tears that share the color of wine. You think that you gave and gave all what you have, but at the end of it you could not give what they actually needed and they walk away from your life. Its like someone as if stole your life away from you. After all this no matter how hard you try, you just can’t hurt that person anymore. All you want is someone to hear what you are going through, to pour your heart, to open yourself wide. Your dream of being together is broken… but here your are… ALIVE… If people understood you so well, they would understand your silence now. You even get to a point where you keep saying to yourself “Why should I be sane without you?” and guess what you continue learning….and just can’t believe its over…

4 Responses to can’t believe its over….

  1. Mihir says:

    Gr8 style…………many ppl hav ideas but only few lke u can put dat in riting………Keep rocking bro……

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @mihirthanx bro

  3. MNEMONIX says:

    dude… this was my state about 8 months back… thats why i let out to u over a drink… guess u can remember… he he he… anyways… now u put that in black n' white… way to go bro!!! thanx for that!!!

  4. ~ V ~ says:

    @mnemonixYea i remember in fact too many things to remember šŸ˜‰

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