born again!!!!

wondering why the title is like that??? i was thinking of keeping the title as I, Me & Myself v.2.0 or may be Me reinstalled 🙂 all confused? thats how its supposed to be….

my previous post could have been the last one i ever wrote, but here i am once again writing something that happened to me and some colleagues of mine on the 1st of July 2007 around 8.00pm on the bypass road, Ambur. We were getting back to Chennai from Yelagiri after a meeting.

we had met with an accident and i am sure, there was an angel among us who helped us out. i will let you decide how bad the crash was. you can take a look at the pictures of the car in which we were in. here are the links, pic1, pic2 pic3 and pic4.

guess we have a lot of work to finish before we leave this place and this could be the reason for our survival. 🙂

i guess all of us in the vehicle knocked on doors, don’t know which one it was (whether heaven or hell), but there was no one there to open it 🙂

just before leaving yelagiri one of my colleagues was saying we have only one life and we should enjoy it to the max to which i replied “i have nine”. no one means all what he/she says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.

most of us don’t get a second chance in life, and if u do, make use of it. things happened in a flash and there was no time to react, guess that is what makes life interesting. it takes a second to make a difference between life and death. it takes a second to fall in love and break it as well and it takes a second to rise and to fall. in short it takes a second for CHANGE…..

there are a lot of people who helped us in that situation and i would like to thank everyone for their support..

NOTE: kindly wear seat belt when u travel and make sure others wear it as well 🙂


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