blessing and curse!!

i see truth from a thousand lies and then think to myself “Am I the only one who sees it this way?” Because i seem to notice strange things or things which i should say normal people would ignore. sometimes when i am alone i wonder if i have been cursed which is refraining me from seeing the normal things…sometimes it feels good.. good to see things which people try to hide.. and sometimes you feel odd knowing what the people are hiding….

i seem to have a lot of questions with less answers and excuses without reasons…

i guess this is my blessing and my curse…

on the funnier side…
check the image below… it says netbanking (round the clock) on the right top corner…see the reason below 🙂 hehehehe

yesterday after meeting up with my friends in Barista at Khadher Nawaz Khan Road, i saw this shop called soles which is next to it. i noticed their website address which read “” lets just split it up and see how it sounds 🙂 “so less hoes” ahahahah. there was another web address like this.. “” splitting it would read as “expert sex change” now the address is “”


4 Responses to blessing and curse!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Vignesh,I am vaani from south of India and working in chennai. I like the way you write and express. Do you look like the watermark you attached. My genuine feeling about your blogs:Looks like you are from Chennai, Barista reminds me ….I have read four of your blogs to conclude that you are an atheist but beleive in Hard working. You won't appreciate but like to be. You are the one who needs a comrade who is better than you. Your thinking and idea seems to be unique(sometimes might work).In fact overall you an intelligent, hardworking, gregarious and fun loving guy. At the same time you seem to be reserved, introvert and a non intiator. I am predicting my thoughts on you as a blogger. Please don't take it personally. You can mail me with your feelings at

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @ vaanithanks for your comments.. i wouldn't agree with all what you have written about me.. 🙂

  3. dens says:

    iTs a cool blOg siTe…… ~v~ rules yo…cheers,dens

  4. ~ V ~ says:

    @densthanx aliya…

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