a hang over which we don’t deserve

wasssup people…

some people feel you need to be psychic to understand what I have written in my blog.. actually its quite simple.. its just extracts from real life incidents.. the fact that im kinda high rite now and my spellings doesn’t seem to be going for a toss. The past couple of days have been awesome but with certain incidents which could be avoided… not going into the details… 🙂 I just wanted to say.. it was not supposed to be that way..

it was a mixture of fun, shock and hang overs… a hang over which we dont deserve… im writing this post with my eyes closed… thought of trying something new.. 🙂 thought i might as well try out how good my typewriting is as i write this post…

the other day i was reading an article which said… “why would you read your own blog?” i thought to my self.. why would i read my own blog.. what is different from all the other blogs that are there… and then i started reading all my posts.. and i said to myself.. i dont find these posts anywhere else…. i have received comments saying my posts are really heavy.. really intersting.. with my language being good.. thnx for the compliments.

i dont really know where i am going with this post.. emotions play a vital role in relationships.. some of them show it out, some of them dont. people who dont show it out, doesnt necessarily have to be emotionless. give them some time and you will understand their silence.

until then.. chow…


2 Responses to a hang over which we don’t deserve

  1. Anonymous says:

    gr8 man……how is dat u can write of such random thoughts with so muxh ease ?…….My eng teacher wud be so proud of u ! lol

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    were our english teachers different? hahaha she is already proud of me 😉 heheheheeh

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