the search is on….

Hallo everyone.. guess what, this happens to be my 50th post. Kudos to me 🙂 Actually I never thought I would go this far with blogging when I wrote my first post, but here I am… What surprises me is that some of the relationships too are like this, starts off like “why don’t we give it a try?” and lasts a lifetime. Most of the relationships begin as a search for someone to complete yourself, as a shoulder you can lean on and as an ear to listen to what you have to say. Usually this kind of relationships start of with the term friendship or at least thats what people call it…

There are times when you just wished there was someone waiting for you, but as always, life is not fair.. Sometimes you wish to spend time with some one who happens to be your favorite, thats not always the case as well. One fine day you end up meeting the same person only to tell yourself “Why not earlier?” May be this is how the famous “An Opportunity Lost” thing came… (I forgot that actual sentence 😉 )but from where I see it, opportunities are never lost, it is taken by someone else.

Most of the relationships that last is one in which the loved one is free to be himself / herself. Is that really the case? People change just like that, making you wonder ”Can this be true?” and again the question arises “Why ME!!!” You just don’t know how, you stay sore for a while and you continue to live and guess what the search continues……..


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