are you being selfish?

This post was typed on my mobile from a place where 80% of the people come to drop off their sorrows, to ask for answers, to ask questions like “why me” and some just like that.. Any guesses about the place? Yea I’m in a temple.

I guess most of you will be surprised to hear that I was visiting… I can hear most of you say, its not the place for the Devil 🙂 To my surprise, I have visited the temple here in NJ more number of times than I have in the last six years when I was in India.

If someone asks me if I believe in God… I say No, which may not be the truth. I have my own set of beliefs which I believe in and is personal. I really don’t think I’m answerable to people who ask me that question, but if you really want to know then click HERE. Like all normal people.. I NEED MY SPACE…

Now back to the point where I was typing this message. What keeps me wondering is how a place where there are say like 80% of the people come with sorrows be peaceful? Ok lets see it this way.. how would you feel if you listen to problems most of time…?? c’mon people give God a break. Ever wondered why that place is still feels peaceful even after all these? I’m just an ordinary guy and these are just my views and I don’t want any of you to agree to them as well. Now for the answer to that question.. its cos of the 20% who are there who are pure and innocent.. who does not know that dark is fear and white is peace. Who knows to smile when you smile at them. Who does not know races, castes, religion, color, creed etc etc. Wonder who I am talking about? I’m talking about the kids who come..

People visit the temple or pray. Now, have you ever asked if He was doing good? Why would you, right? How many people ask for something every time you go to a temple? I don’t even know if any of you think in the same lines as I do..

The funniest part is.. He is not selfish… but we are… U & ME…


4 Responses to are you being selfish?

  1. pooja says:

    Exactly..wanted to ask u the same thing..from when did u started going to temple n all…..yeah..true da..after all humans.. are all selfish

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @ poojaafter coming here.. not alone though.. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    hello vigneshI donno from where you got the %ages.Temple is a place for meditation;people go there if they have something to owe/wish is wrong.It is a better place on weekends to be a subject for kitty parties or to distribute prasad and boast yourself to be a devotee; this happens in metros. Temples cannot be ignored even there are many cons of that reason being our own ancestors who think you are alive/well settled b'coz of GOD.It might take more generations to overcome this belief.Looks from your blog that you don't want to be questioned about believing GOD and the best part my friend none wants to say no(Fearing GOD) apart from pure atheist.So most of the people who visit temple is just a social duty and going to temple does not indicate believing GOD.

  4. pooja says:

    then with whom????

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