dreams are meant to be..

Do you dream? There are a lot of interpretations for dreams which I don’t want to get into. So now back to the question… Do you dream?

I dream most of the time.. but what I dream I tend to forget by the time I wake up. Now you could ask me “then how do you know you dream?” Actually even I’m not sure, but then you just get this feeling that you did.

Dreams.. first thing that comes to mind when I think of dreams is whether the dream I saw was in color or b&w 🙂 So what color are your dreams? and do dreams come true? do all the dreams come true?

The phrase “It’s like a dream come true” I wish I could say that some day 🙂 I don’t know if dreams come true or not. All I know is that its your dream, you rule in your dream. You tend to twist and turn the dream the way you want it to be. Some people say the dreams you see are more realistic to your emotions and the life you want to live. It may be true.. if that is the case, I should be owning a Ferrari by now 🙂 LOL

But what the hell, its good to be a king rather than a slave.. and I continue to dream.. so dream on people and remember, when you dream, Dream BIG…. cos Dreams ain’t costly 🙂

Dream On…..


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