Life’s comin….

As I sit to write this post, all that comes to my mind is the fact that I have lost something, something worth dying for.. I will let the people reading this post put their mind to a world of imagination cos I’m not gonna say what that “something” is. How does it feel? Feel to lose something you wanted real bad? Do you feel lost in the loneliness of your soul? or feel devastated by the dreams you had been seeing? or is it just temporary insanity? what ever it is, does it feel good or does it hurt? I guess most of you will choose the 2nd option.. did I mention “option” so that means there is a choice rite. When you have a choice of feeling good or hurt, why do people choose to be hurt rather than feeling good? Asking questions is so damn easy.. its the answers that are tough. Guess everyone has the same problem, don’t they?

This post is for people who are confused or should I say, for people who are still thinking if they made the right choice or not. There are no accidents in life, it is meant to happen the way it has to be. So F!@# it, you just have one life, break away and start living your life the way you like it. Life’s coming, where to next?



4 Responses to Life’s comin….

  1. ST says:

    You betcha….life is comin.

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @ STit sure is coming fast…

  3. Mihir says:

    Gr8 blog………. jus wat i was tinkin……damn cool ! if dis is the 1st ting u r reading……..thn scroll up………..its Worth the time !

  4. Mir says:

    A lot conveyed in as few words as possible

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