If only……

We meet again!!!

“Wish things could just go the way I want” how many times have you heard this ringing in your head? If only rite.. if only things happened the way we wanted…but then if all the things would just happen the way people wanted to, then how would this world be? would it be peaceful or chaotic? Peaceful is what many might think, but then it wouldn’t be that way.. think and see..

Have you ever spoken to a person who has been hurt mentally? Most of the times you will end up with one reason.. i.e. Expectation. Most of them expect something and then end up getting hurt. If only again rite.. If only people could just say what they want to and not keep it to themselves…

If only people know when is it rite to say a YES and when to say a NO.

Guess what, we still continue to expect and say if only….


One Response to If only……

  1. Shereen says:

    Very true

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