Change is inevitable….

I’m back after a pretty long time. As I write this post, I’m starting to realize how things have been changing for me all of a sudden…I’m rite now in a place where a lot of people just die to be in. A place where everything happens first…(at least in movies), you have the aliens attack this place first, the people here are the guys who save the world and what not. This is a place where people say sorry and please for I don’t know how many times.. a place where everything runs on rules…protocols and regulations… i guess it all means the same 🙂 guess I’m becoming one of them.. By now you must be knowing where I am.. Yea yea I am in the US of A…

Wondering how things changed so fast, from breakfast being idli and vadai, to cornflakes and doughnuts.. Lunch from being rice and gravy to sandwiches and apple juice.. Dinner from chapathis to burgers and fries…

From working 12+ hrs a day to about 7+ hrs a day..

But then, what the hell, when you are in America, be an American, and when you are in India, be an Indian.. but then always Indian at heart.. not only me, but all the Indians here.. there are a few exceptions though..

You can run from the dissapointments you’re trying to forget. But its only when you embrace your past that you truly move forward. I guess i’m finding my way out..And I’m glad…


One Response to Change is inevitable….

  1. Shereen says:

    Ur style of writing has seen a lot of change too 😉

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