Looking back at the times… when

You dint know how to make decisions and you would toss to find out which is rite.

Every rain would give us hope for a holiday.

The first thing you look for when you get the school handbook is look when the holidays are and when the last date for that calendar year is.

Last bell at school is the bell which says you can stop studying and start playing.

You try to impress a newly joined girl and end up making a fool of yourself.

Your first crush is one of your teachers and then tell the girl who you like that you are the first.

Competitions were fun and not a place to fight.

Race meant about the running race on sports day or who ran the fastest.

Money couldn’t buy the laughter we had pulling each others legs.

Bruises were sources of excuse.

The re opening day of school after the mid terms were the scariest part because of the exam results.

Every month shopping means a new toy or a game.

We do things when we are particularly told not to do it.

You know no one is gonna tell something bad to you on your Birthday.

You watch only cartoons on TV Video games were the best thing that could have ever happened.

Having a girl friend was seen by everyone as a crime.

Eating out was like a ritual or a one time activity in a month.

Having food from one plate was not bad manners.

In the rain, the vehicle does not start and still manage to walk with your friend all the way home.

One of your friends is caught for his misbehaviour and you make fun of him all the way through.

Having someone else’s food when you switch classes.

You keep grinning and bitting your teeth when anatomy classes are going on.

If you can remember most or all of these, then you have LIVED!!!!

Hey now read the last word backwards…. 🙂

PS: I might have missed many.. comment it.. i shall edit this post then..


One Response to Looking back at the times… when

  1. Shereen says:

    Heyyyyyyyyy this is real cool.

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