A lot can happen over a coffee!

Not a coffee lover..leave the lover part..not even a coffee drinker..so what the hell do u do in barista is the question everyone asks me, when i say i spend some hours in that coffee place.. may be it is nice to sit there chatting with some friends and then looking around at all the other people who come in and out of that place..but then the question is what exactly is the long talk? i mean what the hell do you guys do there? i should say i have had everything else on their menu except the coffee… 🙂 now back to the question, you get to see a lot of people there which makes you wonder and lets you think..

let me list some of them..

there is this person who comes in a Mercedes (alone) who takes the paper or book which ever is available and has a coffee and usually there for about 30-45 min and then goes away..

i am usually accompanied by some friends of mine to that place, usually all guys.. one day, one character walks inside with a girl, and looks at us and gives us the look which says… “what a bunch of losers” 😀 hahahah now what made him say that? my obvious reason would be the girl beside him.. two days after this happened, i found him sitting alone and having coffee.. and i gave him a look which says… “Shit happens dude”

things that happen over a coffee.. nice way to put things..actually a lot happens.. there are times when girls sitting with a guy often has her eyes on some one else instead of the guy she is sitting with.. what makes her do that? may be she is just checking others out.. when i say this, the only thing that flashes my mind is the sms which says “You try all the bad ones before you get the good one” may be thats not the exact words.. but something similar to that…

there was this one character i saw one day.. this guy dressed like a hip hop artist, walked in with his handsfree on his ear. it was not the wireless one, but the one with the wire… so i was just seeing where the wire goes and where he has kept his mobile.. and to my surprise his cell phone was in his pants… when i say in his pants, not in his pockets, but in his pants… what the hell was he thinking keeping it there? may be he thought if he kept it there, no one would dare ask him “Hey dude, can i make a call from you cell phone?” Imagine someone asking him this question and he would put his hand in his pants and the other guy will be like “Dude what the hell are u doin?” if anyone wants to avoid giving your phone to anyone, thats the rite place to keep it.. plus it wont get stolen that easily 😀 or what if the phone is in vibration mode? 😀 or just imagine this.. he is riding a bike and his phone rings and he asks his friend to pick it up.. what if his friend grabs something else instead of the phone …. now thats funny…


6 Responses to A lot can happen over a coffee!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Vigu, too funny a blog…gets me wonderin too 😉 abt the phn h ah aha

  2. Divya says:

    vigu.. that was hilarious! gud one.. gosh.. don even get me started..i don wanna imagine.. il roll in laughter till my stomach hurts n i have tears in my eyes!

  3. pooja says:


  4. ~ V ~ says:

    @ poojaenna dei?????

  5. Pratibha says:

    Hey Vigu… i'm becoming a big fan of your blogs. This one is so hilarious!! Keep the good work going, buddy!

  6. ~ V ~ says:

    @ pratibhaThanq

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