If I am Me? What would you call me?

There are a lot of things running in my mind now as I start to write this post. I was about to go to sleep when I thought i might as well jot something here. I was thinking of what to write over here, when a lot of things kept creeping in my head and I was like all of a sudden trying to search for a || (Pause) button to halt my thinking process for some time. Now that I am here, I’m trying to recollect the things I was thinking about. Am I beating around the bush? (I can hear you say “BIG TIME”). Just reflecting on my thoughts I was trying to see what kind of person I am.

I wanted to reflect on my inner self, my conscience… (Oh cut the crap). Did you really think I was going to tell all this? (You must be kidding me!!) To make things short, I would just keep this post as what people said about me obviously without quoting their names πŸ™‚ and as usual this post started some where and will end some where too… (So typically me) Would you call me Nemesis? in simple terms as a person who seeks revenge… You should ask the person who got cake smashed on her face for doing the same πŸ™‚ (just kidding it wasn’t revenge, it was fun, everyone wanted to see me smack some cake on your face) How can i let them down? πŸ˜‰ Would you call me nice? Now who called me that? You are a nice guy, I know I am safe with you. Would you call me cute? You look cute with cake on your face…Would you call me selfish? You only think about yourself types… you need to think from my line too (Am I the only one who thinks like that?, I could ask the same question back) Would you call me funny? When all I do in office is make fun of others.. not behind their backs.. but rite in front of them….. now thats guts.. so would you call me gutsy? Would you call me strong? now is that mentally or physically.. kindly be specific with your questions.. (oops that was my conscience) hahaha.. Would you call me a poor eater? you should ask the people who go out for food with me.. most of them think I don’t have a stomach… Would you call me confused? where is vigu? Oh he is in his own world for a few days.. don’t know what happened. Would you call me a dreamer? it is tough for a person to speak to you when you have about 100 things running in your mind.. Would you call me the devil? the only thing missing in you is the horns..and you are tempting me!!!! Would you call me intelligent? hey you know what, you are intelligent.. (Now I’m confused.. are they talking about me here!!!) hahaha. Would you call me stupid? A car locked with the keys inside.. and I am like.. is Sam in the car? ha ha ha or when I dint complete my sentence and just said “Whales and sharks are found in the sea” Would you call me a geek? Cos I’m always in front of my computer doing what best i do and which is my source of living… Would you call me a old? you look like a kid.. you look 22.. you look like a kid bro and I cant imagine you with a girl..(not that I’m getting married) hehehe Would you call me a protector? I feel like i have someone protecting me bro when you are around.. Would you call me spend thrift? when i have swiped about 3k for food in about 3 days.. Would you call me quiet? you are very quiet.. you hardly speak for 2 minutes.. (you need to realize it always need not be from one end…it can come from the other side too) Would you call me a psycho? coz i listen to heavy music and have wierd thoughts about life as a whole.. Would you call me unapproachable? obviously when things do not go the way you want it to and are really really pissed off.. you tend to be unapproachable and best if let alone.. (have you guys not been in that situation?) Would you call me friendly? obviously..you are my best buddy… Would you call me an idol? I want to be like you..like the way you think, the way you handle things.. (If you become me? who will I be?) hehe Would you call me lonely? You are always seen in a crowd yet alone

I have a lot more to add to this.. so will be editing as and when I have something to include here…


4 Responses to If I am Me? What would you call me?

  1. MN3M0N1X says:

    I dunno wht others think abt u dude… but here goes, after reading the post, i almost lost track as to where it started & pondered over the basic funda question… why am I reading this now??? shouldn't I be kinda intoxicated b4 goin thru this post… it would've probably helped interpret it better… he he he… way to go dude!!!

  2. Yogi says:

    would you call me a lunatic..for tryin to read this post early in the morning, or would you call me obsessive, for forcing myself to try and remember it all over from the beginning, or would you call me wilful, for being able to hold my crap long enough to read this, oh hold on i need to go!!!hehe kidding, nice post as always man!

  3. ~ V ~ says:

    @mnemonix..you should have a dash of vodka, a dash of rum, a dash of whisky… and.. a whole lot of liquor to figure out about me!!! hhehhehehe@yogswould you call me and dumb, for publishing this post or would u just say im nice for doing the same… hehehhe.. thanks bro…

  4. Anonymous says:

    dude ue loosing it…

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