Talk about marriage…

The other day I happened to have breakfast with one of my collegues from work and it so happened that the topic were were discussing about diverted from office life to marriage.. I happened to hear from a lot of conversations with my other colleagues that this person had a different view about marriage and life in itself.. So during the course of my conversation, I casually asked him “So when are you planning to get married?” and the reply he gave was this.. “I don’t want anyone else to come and spoil my life, I can do it myself when I want to”

This was the first time I was hearing an answer like this..and as a casual reply I said “Happiness is not the only thing in life” to which his reply was “Happiness is the only thing in life”

Wonder what the others think about marriage.. like you who is reading this.. you can drop a comment rite here 😉

~ V


2 Responses to Talk about marriage…

  1. MN3M0N1X says:

    At last a guy has given a sensible statement about marriage!!! Seriously, why should you get involved with a person whom you've just met a couple of hours back & live with them for the rest of your life??? Doesn't make sense!!! If you were ever to screw up your life, you've got to do it by yourself… no external influence is necessary!!!

  2. Yogi says:

    marriage???say what? like russell peters says, i love women too much to get married man..if i get married the i love only WOMAN!

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